Data Tracking

Drivetech Helical Foundation Systems uses state of the art torque monitoring system called the Torque Hub Which allows us to monitor the torque of the helical pier all the way to the proper depth and torque and produce a digital or paper copy of the results.

A revolutionary new torque monitoring & data logging system offering

the Torq Hub utilizes the same patented technology as our Torq Pin product, it delivers over 99% accurate torque readings. Data is sent over a robust 2.4 GHz RF FHSS signal to the handheld display/datalogger. The Torq Hub reliably and accurately measures torque forces in either ft/lb or N-m, as well as pile/ anchor inclination. This torque monitoring and data logging device is intended to replace the Kelly Bar Adaptor or mount directly onto the drive head output shaft. It is available in 2”, 2-1/2”, 2-5/8” & 3” hex kelly shaft sizes.

Drive head

The Digga MM-10K drive head

MODEL MM-10K Theoretical Torque (ft-lbs) 10,478 @ 3,000psi
Expected Torque-77% efficiency (ft-lbs) 8,040 @ 3,000psi
Max Pressure 3,000psi @ 18.5gpm
Max Flow 18.5gpm @ 3000psi
Max Horse Power 33 Pressure Relief Valve NA Standard Output Shaft 2.5” Hex-Short