Advantages of helical pier foundation systems

Advantages of helical pier foundation systems

Helical piers can be used for new construction projects in an unstable soil area; they also provide a simple solution to repair an existing failing foundation. Where in the past failing foundation would have to be removed at a huge expense. Now in many cases helical piers can be installed to improve the integrity of the existing foundation, saving thousands of dollars in costs and reducing the overall time of the project.

It is important to remember that not every foundation can be saved, because each project is different and many factors must be considered. A structural engineer will determine what course of action is necessary to recover the stability of the failing foundation.   The structural engineer works hand-in-hand with Drivetech Helical Foundation Systems to produce a design and a proper foundation recovery solution for each project.

Helical piers have revolutionized the foundation industry. Helical piers can be installed more quickly and more efficiently than the old-fashioned wood pilings that were pounded into the ground, which in many cases will weaken the existing foundation.

Helical piers on the other hand are twisted or screwed into the ground with a hydraulic Drive Head attached to an excavator. The integrity of the pier is determined by the amount of hydraulic pressure that is exerted reaching a predetermined torque capacity. When the predetermined torque capacity is reached the pier has reached the proper depth it is now ready to be attached to the foundation.

Benefits of Utilizing Helical Piles

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  • Increased performance, reliability & safety.
  • Dramatically condensed construction schedules.
  • Reduced site environmental impact with no excavation.
  • Almost all soil conditions tolerated.
  • Foundations conform to IBC 2009/2012.
  • Up to 300,000 lbs ultimate vertical load capacity.
  • Zinc plating per ASTM B633 resists corrosion.
  • Piles are designed for a minimum 75-year lifespan.
  • Piles installed in any weather and extreme temperatures.
  • Torque indicators verifies load capacity.
  • Piles can be loaded to capacity immediately upon installation.
  • Easy to remove and reuse in temporary installations.