Boardwalk, Walkways & Bridges

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Boardwalk & Walkway Foundations

Boardwalks and walkways are often constructed along green-ways, dune crossings, beach fronts, and wetlands; all of which are often environmentally sensitive areas. Therefore, disturbance is to be kept to a minimum and access can be quite a challenge. DriveTech Helical Foundation Systems put a lot of planning into these projects to successfully overcoming the challenges and obstacles associated with these difficult site conditions. Our use of the CHANCE Helical Piles and CHANCE Helical Anchors have continuously been proven to be the most economical foundation system for boardwalks and walkways. Our ability to install helical piles and anchors using small equipment (which can be adapted to meet the requirements of site-specific conditions) allows us to efficiently install walkway foundation systems in sensitive soils and difficult terrain. The helical piles are engineered to transfer projected loads to bearing-capable strata below weak soils, isolating the structure’s integrity from seasonal changes in the surface-layer conditions. This makes these eco-friendly walkway foundations particularly effective in swamp, marsh, and other wet environments where soft or clay soils are present.