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Dura-Grip Wall Systems

In addition to the Chance Helical Wall Anchoring system Drivetech Helical Foundation Systems offers a similar wall repair solution. The Dura-Grip Wall Repair System includes plate-and-rod technology that attaches to the inside of your foundation walls. The main difference with the Dura-Grip system is that it is adjustable and must be maintained.

The Dura-Grip System can often be installed same-day to straighten or stop failing walls. The system can be installed in basement foundation walls, as well as retaining and wingwalls.

Dura-Grip Wall Repair Installation Steps

  1. Anchoring points are determined and pilot holes are drilled at a descending angle.
  2. Anchor locations in stable soil are carefully measured and marked. Sod plugs are removed and anchor holes are dug to proper depth.
  3. Steel rods are driven through the wall and earth in order to reach the anchor holes.
  4. Steel cross plate anchors attach to the rod in each hole.
  5. Adjustments are set on the anchor rods to maintain the new wall position.
  6. Future adjustments may be needed as soil density changes over time.